try this… CHEST Workout | Day 23

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try this… CHEST Workout | Day 23
30 Bodyweight Workouts
Workout #23 of my FREE YouTube bodyweight training series called "30 for 30". Workouts will be BELOW so that you don't have to write down the workouts! We will be uploading the training sessions at 9AM EST. If there isn't a video posted, that means you should REST! Enjoy (: Pick up your supplements here -- -- (Pre Workout launching TOMORROW!!) BodyEvo - 4/26: Chest 2 sets: 30 Chest Pulsators 3 Sets: 8 Spider-Man Push Ups (Each Side) + 30 Ant. Delt Pulsators 3 Sets: 8 Arrow Assisted Handstand Push UPS (Each Side) + 12 Feet Raised Push Ups (Pause) 4 Sets: 8 3-Point Lateral Raises (Each Side) + 15 Floor Tricep Extensions 3 Sets: 12 Book Push UPS (Each Side) + 10 Towel Fly (On Ground) Follow my Instagram - @thebmeyers
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