Jiggle Free Arms Vol 1 | Jiggle Free Zone

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Jiggle Free Arms Vol 1 | Jiggle Free Zone
Arms & Legs Workouts
Tags : fat burn, weights
Get beautiful, sculpted shoulders and arms and lose those bat wings with my Jiggle Free Arms weight series. Jiggle Free Arms Vol 1 focuses on 3 exercises designed to define your biceps, triceps and shoulders. You'll go through 3 rounds each, incrementally increasing the weight each round to work each muscle group to muscle failure for quick results! #fitandfabulous #armworkout #losearmfat EQUIPMENT NEEDED: * 3 sets of weights: light (3-5 lbs), medium (8-10 lbs) and heavy (10 - 15 lbs). * Mat - for pushups. TAKE THE 30 DAY FAT BURN CHALLENGE
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