Chest & Back FIRE Bodyweight Workout | Day 5

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Chest & Back FIRE Bodyweight Workout | Day 5
30 Bodyweight Workouts
Workout #5 of my FREE YouTube bodyweight workout series called "30 for 30". Workouts will be BELOW so that you don't have to write down the workouts! We will be uploading the training sessions at 9AM EST. If there isn't a video posted, that means you should REST! Enjoy (: | (Pick up your pre-workout here -- -- when they launch, of course) 4/3 (Chest & Back) 3 Sets: 4 Zombie Floor Drags Push Ups (Each Way) + 8 Single Arm Chair Rows (Each Side) 3 Sets: 8 Clap Push Ups (Pause) + 10 Second Pulsator Push Ups + 10 Second Chest Squeeze 3 Sets: 20 Second Floor Back Push Aways + 20 Second Couch Pull Holds 1 Set: AMRAP Practice HandstandPlanche Push Ups + AMRAP Pull Ups 1 Set: AMRAP Rise From Dead Push Ups 1 Set: AMRAP Single Arm Floor Push Aways Follow my Instagram - @thebmeyers
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